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About Kanodar

About Kanodar

anodar is a village on the bank of river Sabarmiti part of Gujarat province in India, district Banaskatha, Taluka Palanpur. People speak Gujarati language. Majority of the population, more than 95% are Muslims and they are Shia Isna Asheri faith.

The history of Kanodar is about 900 years old. Most of the people were skilled cloth wears and because of their expertise and workmanship the village was famous as Manchester of district Banaskatha. The people were industrious and adventurous and always eager for exploration and adventures. Due to this nature they had the tendency of visiting different parts of the world.

The popularity of Kanodar tremendously increased and it is because known to almost all the Momineen of India in early part of 20th century. Kanodar was and being visited today by renowned Ulema, Zakerin and Momineen from whole of India. They do not visit due to inhabitants of Kanodar but their purpose is to say salaam and pay respect to the place called Hussein (AS) Tekri on the outskirts of Kanodar. This is indeed a great honor and blessing bestowed upon the people of Kanodar by Syeidush shauhda Hazrat Imam Husain ibne Ali (A.S) (Allah Humma Sualle ala Muhammadiu wa aala Muhammad).

Some details and important facts about Kanodar town are mentioned below:

  • Area of Kanodar is about 1,948 acres
  • First Gujarati school was established in 1874
  • Foundation of the Jamaat madrassa was laid on 22nd April, 1921
  • Oldest religious center known as “old masjid” was constructed about 200 years back
  • Town’s literacy rate is 74% (compared with the national average of 59.5%), with male literacy at 80%, and female literacy at 69%. Roughly 1,600 people (15%) in Kanodar are children 6 years old or younger. (year: 2001)
  • It has four Gujarati primary-middle schools, one English middle school that teaches up to tenth grade, and one Gujarati middle-secondary school. Computer studies are a part of the curriculum in these schools. (year: 2001)
  • Kanodar’s economy has historically been known for hand loom production and textiles; more recently, they have found a niche market in reconditioning jeeps. (year – 2001).

In 1899, there were only 17 people who had adopted Shia’ism in Kanodar in Gujarat. Now there are one thousand families (around 5000 people) of Shia Isna Asheri Momin Jamaat, located at Kanodar.

Momineen of Kanodar, near Palanpur adopted mazhab-e-haqqa and were separated from their former jamaat. It was, therefore necessary to construct a masjid there. The construction work of masjid started with the help of local people and Mumbai’s residents. But the architect and designer Mr. Thariyani informed Allama Haji Naji that the work of construction was held up due to shortage of funds. He immediately collected funds from generous donors and played an important role to complete this huge masjid. Moreover he played an important part in construction and repairs, of many other religious places.

Foundation laying ceremony of the new masjid (Jama masjid) was held in January 1941. Foundation was laid by (Late) Maulana Ashfaq Husein sahib. The construction was completed in January 1951.

First Ashara of Moharram was arranged in the house of Haji Ahmedbhai Karimbhai at Kanodar. This program was continued for many years. Haji Naji saheb has recited Majalis in the house of the marhum. He recited about 70 memorable majalis during his stay in Kanodar guided the people to become firm on the right path and keep patience in the times of calamities and difficulties.