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anodar shia isna ashari momin jamat (pakistan) was formed by the momineens migrated from India. Before partition of India in 1947, momineen living in Kanodar were engaged in cloth business. Handloom industry was in every home. Cloth produced was supplied to various parts of India. At the time of partition in 1947 there was no established industrial infrastructure in Pakistan specially for textile products, which gave an opportunity for lucrative business to the manufacturers and suppliers of handloom cloth in Kanodar. People used to bring the consignments by train to Karachi (at that time there was direct Railway connection from Ahmedabad to Karachi) even by chartered air cargos for speedy supply. Since the business was thriving and future seemed prosperous some people brought their families to Karachi.

Thus the Momineens from Kanodar who came to Pakistan in the early period i.e. in the year 1947/1948 did not travel for migration but their intention was purely for business. Some of them were even frequent travelers and couriers of goods. Some of them were cloth merchants and used to bring cloth to Pakistan by land route, ships and even by chartered planes. During their short business visits they realized the blessings and benefits of a sore region and independent state where they can practice their religion freely and without any fear according to their faith and beliefs. Therefore the Momineens who were in Pakistan called their families and relatives to come and settle down in Pakistan.

With the passage of time when the immigration of people was nearing completion and sovereignty of both the states of Pakistan and India was established immigration laws were introduced to check and control movement of the people. In 1948 permit system was enforced to recognize nationality of the people travelling between the two countries.

Such immigration laws also affected people coming to Karachi from Kanodar. The families who have already come and settled in Karachi opted to stay in Karachi and have Pakistani nationality. Later on some more families in Kanodar decided to migrate to Pakistan purely on the basis of religion.

Formation of Jamaat

he Momineens from Kanodar came to Karachi and settled here for their business and trading later after the year 1950/1951. Two to three families moved to Hyderabad but all other families remained in Karachi. This is the reason at present all the Jamaat members are living in Karachi and Hyderabad cities only. Almost all the Momineens who settled in Pakistan were earning their livelihood by doing small business and trading. They were in cloth, mill and hoteling business with the passage of time the dreadful atmosphere was setting down and the life was returning to normal. The law and order was being enforced strictly and the movement of immigration across the boards was being checked by imposing permit system for the Momineens in Karachi. It was time to pay full attention to their business, education for children and establish a centralized community center for religious and social activities for the betterment and benefits of Jamaat members.

During the decade of 50s and early 60s, Jamaat could not be formed mainly because of very small number of families (at that time there were only 10-15 families) and limited financial resources. However, Majalis and other religious and social activities and gathering of Momineens were being organized at the Momineen’s residence turn by turn.

However in 1966, all general members of the Jamaat migrated from India gathered as and general body members assembled a Jamaat named Kanodar Shia Isna Asheri Momin Jamaat – Pakistan also elected working committee members of the Jamaat. The president and general secretary elected by the majority votes. The members of the first working committee elected on March 19, 1966 are mentioned below:

Hasan Ali Jivaji Bhai Vakalia President
Ghulam Ali Dosan Bhai Jeni Secretary
Kassem Ali Vali Bhai Daryani Member
Hasan Ali Bacho Bhai Moosa Member
Adam Ali Noor Bhai Soonasra (Katka) Member
Hasan Ali Wazir Ali Maknojia (Lalji) Member
Hassan Ali Vali Bhai Daryani Member