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Hussain (AS) Tekri

Hussain (AS) Tekri

n the outskirts of Kanodar, Hussain Tekri is the Shabih of Roza e Imam Hussain (AS) constructed for Ziarat. It is a famous place for the Azadari program held on the 22 Safar every year. Momineen from all over India and abroad visit this place and pay tribute to Imam Hussain (AS). Construction of the Roza at Husein Tekri was completed in 1917.

Some details and important facts about Kanodar town are mentioned below:

  • Area of Kanodar is about 1,948 acres
  • First Gujarati school was established in 1874
  • Foundation of the Jamaat madrassa was laid on 22nd April, 1921
  • Oldest religious center known as “old masjid” was constructed about 200 years back
  • Town’s literacy rate is 74% (compared with the national average of 59.5%), with male literacy at 80%, and female literacy at 69%. Roughly 1,600 people (15%) in Kanodar are children 6 years old or younger. (year: 2001)
  • It has four Gujarati primary-middle schools, one English middle school that teaches up to tenth grade, and one Gujarati middle-secondary school. Computer studies are a part of the curriculum in these schools. (year: 2001)
  • Kanodar’s economy has historically been known for hand loom production and textiles; more recently, they have found a niche market in reconditioning jeeps. (year – 2001).

Hussain Tekri has been reconstructed in the form of Roza e Imam Hussain (AS), Karbala (Iraq). This reconstruction was completed on 6 January, 2013 with untiring moral and financial support and efforts of momineen of Kanodar and all over the world.

Near to Hussain (AS) Tekri, there is Shabih of Roza –e- Hazrat Abbas (AS) named as Abbas (AS) Tekri. This tomb was constructed in 1945. Later extension of Roza was started in 1963 and completed in 1966.

There is also the Shabih of Roza –e- Bibi Zainab (SA) situated near Kanodar and Hussain (AS) Tekri.