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President’s Message

President's Message

In the name of Allah, the most Beneficent and Merciful.


irst of all I am deeply grateful to Almighty Allah and Ahlebait (a.s.) who have given us countless blessings in various shapes. Being a social animal we need to have a platform to continue our social and religious gatherings and Alhamdollilah today we have such platforms in the shape of Mehfil and graveyard. These are symbols which gives recognition to us in the eyes of other communities.

The realization of such platforms could not be possible without the hard work, efforts and dedication of our forefathers who migrated from India after partition. They have a dream to have our own mehfil, graveyard and hold all religious programs freely with own resources and management. May Almighty Allah blessed all our forefathers who played their sincere role in giving us the name of community member.

Amongst the various factors that have remain united our members is close association with our forefather motherland Kanodar and reflection of such love and affection could be seen in the shape of sons and grandsons striving hard to remain intact with all the religious / social programs being held at mehfil.

I am deeply thankful to all our members who have expressed deep confidence and trust in our new managing committee. In the coming months we would try our best to resolve all the management / governess issues being faced at community level. Later on we have plans to maximize our resources to run our mehfil and all religious programs with improve management.

I have a firm believe that our members specially youths who have an extra ordinary potential to manage, run and carry on the mission of our forefathers. It would be unwise to mention the services, hard working of our old members who still alive and giving guidance to the youths and who still are concern for the betterment of our community programs.

I am proud to be a momin belong to Kanodar Village and together we can make our Kanodarwala community a reputed, respectable and exemplary in the eyes of other communities living in Pakistan.

I earnestly request all my fellow community members including our sisters to come forward and help us in building / reshaping the community level.

Similarly, I urge my beloved members / families and their children who are living and settled in overseas to be in touch constantly with our Jamaat in Pakistan and help us support and patronize our social, religious programs being carried out inspite of hardships and financial constraints.


Best Regards.