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efore the establishment of the Jamaat, the Wiladat / shahadat Majalis of Masoomins (a.s.) used to be held at our forefathers’ residences and their doors were always open for such religious/ social programs. It was the time when our Jamaat members were financially not sound and hardly managed to meet their ends. However, their hearts were sincere, honest and full of enthusiasm for the prosperity, progress and welfare of the community. We pay our sincere tribute to all those members and their families who contributed their selfless services, financially supported and always stood to the cause of community. Some of such members, but not all, are as under:

  • Brother Mohammad Hussain D’Yousuf
  • Brother Hassan Ali Jeevaji Vakalia
  • Brother Hassan Ali Bhai Moosa
  • Brother Qasim  Ali Daryani
  • Brother Ghulam  Ali Maknojia
  • Brother  Mohammad Ali  Kugshia
  • Brother Fazal Hussain D’Yusuf
  • Brother Wazir Ali D’ Sherashia
  • Brother Sadiq Hussain Hassan Ali Vakalia
  • Brother Akbar Ali Umatia

We must also not forget those members who have whole heartedly contributed their services and supported Jamaat sponsored programs after the establishment of Mehfil at Al Momin Square. We highly regard and pay tribute to those members who worked honestly, and dedicated their valued services, time and money for Jamaat programs.