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amaat has given much focus on the Education standard of the members and their dependents. During early stages, level of education within Karachi was not high. Moreover, the founding members of Jamaat were establishing themselves economically and socially. Even due to these unfavorable situation, most of the members paid attention towards quality education of themselves and their family members.

Due to the motivation of our ancestors, importance of education was felt by the next generations of Jamaat members. Most of the members and their families try to equip themselves with good quality education as per the current level of standard required.

In order to enhance the educational standard of Jamaat members and to manage various issues within acquiring of required education, there has been an Education Sub-committee working under the Jamaat. Following are the activities performed by Education Sub-Committee:

  • Maintain the required educational standard within Jamaat members and their dependents
  • Resolve problems being faced by members regarding any aspect of education
  • Career counselling of dependents to select desired field of education
  • Collaboration among Jamaat professionals and students of common field of interest
  • Organization of Shaheed Baqir-us-Sadr Education Award program
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