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First Aid Workshop – Dec. 2017

n the month of December 2017, the first ever First Aid Workshop conducted for ladies at Al-Momin Square. The main objective of the workshop was to create awareness and guide on how to respond in some of the important emergency situations especially at home.
In this regard, Working Committee of the Jamaat is pleased to have services of experienced doctors within our community who rendered their services for the workshop. It was mainly conducted by these doctors in collaboration with Jamaat ladies volunteers.

Workshop details

Host: Mrs. Nazira Hassan Ali Suleman
Quran recitation

Topic: Importance of First Aid
Presented by: Dr. Narjis Ahmed Hussain Umatiya

Topic: First Aid for Burns
Presented by: Dr. Erum Shahid Sunasra

Topic: First Aid for wounds and electric shocks
Presented by: Dr. Masooma Ahmed Hussain Umatiya

Details of the workshop are displayed below: