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Ramazan: Year 2017


oly month of Ramazan for the year 2017 started with the same religious spirit among momineen and all the planned activities successfully conducted at Al-Momin Square.

Dinyat and Round Table classes
Diniyat and Round Table classes conducted during the holy month of Ramazan for year 2017. Below are the classes and their number of students:

Class Students
Class Nursery – KG 38
Class I – II 32
Class III – IV 27
Class V – VI 15
Class VII – VIII 10

Written Examination
Every year during holy month of Ramazan, there is substantial number of candidates who appear in written examination. Below are the groups and their number of students:

Group Students
Group A 21
Group B 16
Group C 21

Quran Khwani
During year 2017, 12 momineen participated within Quran Khwani..
Daily Dars
During year 2017, in holy month of Ramazan, Agha Muhammad Hassan Shahu conducted Dars / Majalis within Mehfil.

Title Download
Shab of 10th Ramazan (Shahadat Hazrat Khadija SA) Play
Shab of 11th Ramazan Play
Shab of 12th Ramazan Play
Shab of 13th Ramazan (Shab-e-Juma) Play
Shab of 14th Ramazan Play
Shab of 15th Ramazan (Wiladat Hazrat Imam Hasan AS) Play
Shab of 16th Ramazan Play
Shab of 17th Ramazan Play
Shab of 18th Ramazan Play
Shab of 19th Ramazan (Shab-e-Zarbat Maula Ali AS) Play
Shab of 20th Ramazan Play

Aamal of Shab-e-Qadar and Namaz-e-Eid
Aamal of Shab-e-Qadr and Namaz-e-Eid conducted by Maulana Muhammad Hassan Shahu.
Prize Distribution Ceremony
Ceremony for prize distribution organized on 27th Ramazan to encourage and appreciate all participants of Ramazan activities.