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Madressa: Session 2016 – 2017


ctivities of Ghulaman-e-Ehlebait (AS) Namaz Class for the year 2016 – 2017 started from July 2016 and ended in May 2017.

Mid-Term Examinations
Mid-term examinations were conducted in the month of December 2016.

Annual Entertainment Trip
Annual Entertainment Trip was organized by Ghulaman-e-Ehlebait (AS) Namaz Class on 22-April-2017 at Fatimiyah Sports Complex. Students from Hazrat Bilal-e-Habashi Group were engaged to participate within this trip.

Students enjoyed in this trip to have various activities like Swimming, outdoor sports including Cricket, Badminton and others. As per norms, Namaz was conducted and then Lunch boxes were distributed among students.

Final Examinations
Final Examinations were conducted in the month of May 2017.

Results Summary:

Group Total Students Passed
Hazrat Ali Asghar (AS) group (1) 5 5
Hazrat Ali Asghar (AS) group (2) 11 11
Hazrat Bilal-e-Habashi group (1) 13 13
Hazrat Bilal-e-Habashi group (2) 7 7
Hazrat Ammar-e-Yasir group 13 13
Hazrat Salman-e-Farsi group 10 8
Hazrat Maalik-e-Ashtar group 8 8
Total Students 67 65