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About Mehfil-e-Ghulaman-e-Ehlebait (AS)

Mehfil-e-Ghulaman-e-Ehlebait (AS)

anodar Shia Isna Asheri Momin Jamaat inaugurated a religious and community center in 1996 with extensive efforts of the then Managing Committee and all Jamaat members. It has been really a big achievement to own a center where all religious and social activities / gatherings are organized since more than 2 decades under Jamaat platform.

Today Alhamdulillah all religious programs are held regularly and punctually in the Mehfil such as Majalis, Diniyat Dars & Quran Khwani, Amaal in Mahe Ramazan, weekly Majalis etc. These programs are not restricted to members only but other momineen living within the vicinity of Mehfil also participate in the programs.