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Jamaat Progress

Jamaat Progress

rogress and prosperity of the Jamaat during the succeeding 2-3 decades was not up to the desired mark. This was mainly because limited resources, financial constraints and shortage of manpower. However later with the blessings of Allah, Jamaat started progressing slowly but steadily. A plot of 2 acres land was obtained and a graveyard was constructed for burial of deceased members’ families. Also a 200 Sq. yard plot was purchased in Lines Area (Karachi) upon which halls for Mehfil, to perform religious and social activities/ceremonies and some residential flats for members were constructed. Infact to have a graveyard and Mehfil hall is the basic and foremost requirement of any society and this has been achieved with zeal, steadfastness and utmost unity of the young members.

Besides regular religious activities, Jamaat provides necessary guidance/assistance to the members for their healthcare and children education.

Even from the hard times, Jamaat members strived to uplift themselves and their dependents through quality education as required by the current era. At present, our community comprises of many professionals excelling in their relevant fields. This track of acquiring latest education is even more being pursued by young generation of community. Some of the professions in which our community members are working are mentioned below:

  • Doctors
  • Chartered Accountants and Financial professionals
  • Engineers (Electronics, Computers, Electrical, Civil etc.)
  • Computer and Software Engineers
  • Business Administration and Management professionals
  • Islamic Educationists
  • Home Economics and Applied Arts
  • Entrepreneurs in various domains

We hope and pray that in future our Jamaat have sufficient resources to expand our activities and services for the benefit and welfare of, not only Jamaat members, but whole of the Ummah.