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Madressa: Session 2017 – 2018


hulaman-e-Ehlebait (AS) Namaz Class session 2017 – 2018 started from 01-July 2017.


New admissions opened for this session and forms available from Al-Momin Square during June and July 2017. Last date of admission was 29-July 2017.


Mid-term Examinations

Mid-term Examinations conducted on 02-December and 09-December. Course included Namaz, Wuzoo, Taaqeebat, Sura-e-Qurani and Taleemaat-e-Ehlebait (A.S.).


Mid-term Results and Parent Teacher Meeting

Similar to the pattern of previous years, mid-term results program held at Al-Momin Square which also included Parent Teacher Meeting. For this session, this program held on 30-Dec-2017.


Results Summary

All students performed very good within mid-term examinations. Total 69 students participated in exams and 65 students passed and overall passing percentage was 94.2%. Below is the summary of total students and passed students in each group:

Group Total Students Passed
Hazrat Ali Asghar (AS) group (1) 3 3
Hazrat Ali Asghar (AS) group (2) 7 6
Hazrat Bilal-e-Habashi group (1) 15 14
Hazrat Bilal-e-Habashi group (2) 13 13
Hazrat Ammar-e-Yasir group 16 15
Hazrat Salman-e-Farsi group 7 7
Hazrat Maalik-e-Ashtar group 8 7
Total Students 69 65